Coated Fabric

Coated Fabric

For the construction of the rubberized parts of ZAR boats, Cantiere Formenti exclusively uses ORCA® products from Pennel Industries: “High-Tenacity” polyester fabric with CSM (chlorosulfonated polyethylene) and CR (polychloroprene) coatings.

The tubular elements are made with internal and external butt straps and the junction between them and the hull is double for the entire perimeter.

Thanks to the exceptional characteristics of its outer layer which protects from ageing, ORCA® offers a wide range of light fast colours.

The chemical formula of the CSM layer makes ORCA® very abrasion resistent.

Thanks to its outstanding quality and performance, ORCA® is highly recommended for work boats.

Like an air chamber, ORCA® is easily repaired by siple gluing.

The combination of a high tenacity fabric and an outstanding coating,gives ORCA® a very high level of mechanical resistance.

The ORCA® product, intended for the leisure, professional, or military markets, meets the highest requirements for safe navigation in the most extreme conditions.