Tender ZF-1 / 3.35m

Standard Equipments

  • Complete with front peak for the anchor; lateral console peak; front console peak; wide rear peak; one-seater console with 1 internal compartment, adjustable mechanical steering and sportive wheel; perimetric rubber bumper; 5 stainless steel handless for passenger safety; 4 folding stainless steel cleats; 3 stainless steel eyebolts for hangers; drain plug; repairs kit; inflating pump; pair of paddles.

Technical Specifications

  • Length overall 3.35m (11’)
  • Beam overall 1.88m (6’ 2”)
  • Tubolar diameter 46 cm
  • Approximate Weight 210 kg (460 lbs) ±10%
  • Max. Power 40Hp (45kW) min. 20Hp (15kw)
  • Seating Capacity N° 5
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  • Optional Features
    • Stanless Steel Folding Ladder.Stanless Steel Folding Ladder.
    • Fuel Tank 40 lt.Fuel Tank 40 lt.
    • Navigation Lights with Swich PanelNavigation Lights with Swich Panel
    • Front SunBadhing Extension with Table.Front SunBadhing Extension with Table.
    • Rear SunBadhing Extension.Rear SunBadhing Extension.
    • Telescopic Bimini.Telescopic Bimini.
    • Flexi-Teak.Flexi-Teak.
    • Shower System.Shower System.
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