Tender ZF-2 / 3.65m

Standard Equipments

Anchor locker, 2 front wide storage compartments, Side console seat with storage compartment, Wide rear storage compartment, Console with internal storage compartment, tilting mechanical steering, system and sport drive wheel, Heavy rubber bumper, 5 stainless steel handles for passenger, safety, 4 folding stainless steel cleats, 3 stainless steel eyebolts for hangers, Drain plug, Repair kit, Infl ating pump, Pair of paddles

Technical Specifications

  • Length overall 3,65 mt (12′)
  • Internal walking lengh n.d.
  • Beam overall 1.98 mt (6’6″)
  • Internal walking width n.d.
  • Tubolar diameter n.d.
  • Seating Capacity n.6
  • Approximate Weight 260 kg (575 lbs) ± 10%
  • HP min 25 Hp (19kW)
  • HP max 60 Hp (45kW)